Chapter 1 Governance, Powers, Rights, and Responsibilities 53B-1-101.5 – 53B-1-502
Chapter 2 Institutions of Higher Education 53B-2-101 – 53B-2-113
Chapter 2a Technical Education 53B-2a-100.5 – 53B-2a-202
Chapter 3 Enforcement of Regulations at Institutions 53B-3-101 – 53B-3-110
Chapter 4 Compact for Western Regional Cooperation – Interstate Commission for Higher Education 53B-4-101 – 53B-4-103
Chapter 6 Master Planning 53B-6-102 – 53B-6-106
Chapter 7 Finance 53B-7-101 – 53B-7-803
Chapter 8 Tuition Waiver and Scholarships 53B-8-101 – 53B-8-205
Chapter 8a Utah Educational Savings Plan 53B-8a-101 – 53B-8a-205
Chapter 8c Police Officer’s and Firefighter’s Survivor Tuition Act 53B-8c-101 – 53B-8c-104
Chapter 8d Tuition Waivers for Wards of the State Act 53B-8d-101 – 53B-8d-104
Chapter 8e Utah Purple Heart Recipients’ Tuition Act 53B-8e-101 – 53B-8e-103
Chapter 9 Higher Education for Senior Citizens 53B-9-101 – 53B-9-103
Chapter 10 Incentive Loan Programs 53B-10-101 – 53B-10-205
Chapter 11 Student Loan Program 53B-11-101 – 53B-11-103
Chapter 12 Higher Education Assistance Authority 53B-12-101 – 53B-12-109
Chapter 13 Utah Promise Program Act 53B-13-101 – 53B-13-114
Chapter 13a Utah Promise Program Act 53B-13a-102 – 53B-13a-106
Chapter 13b Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act 53B-13b-101 – 53B-13b-104
Chapter 13c Adult Learners Grant Program 53B-13c-101 – 53B-13c-102
Chapter 14 Collection of Student Loans 53B-14-101 – 53B-14-109
Chapter 15 Collection of Student Loans from Public Employees 53B-15-101 – 53B-15-107
Chapter 16 Institutional Programs Generally 53B-16-101 – 53B-16-405
Chapter 17 University of Utah 53B-17-101 – 53B-17-1302
Chapter 18 Utah State University 53B-18-101 – 53B-18-1703
Chapter 19 State Arboreta 53B-19-101 – 53B-19-103
Chapter 20 Property Rights – Title and Control 53B-20-101 – 53B-20-106
Chapter 21 Revenue Bonds 53B-21-101 – 53B-21-113
Chapter 22 Higher Education Capital Projects 53B-22-102 – 53B-22-204
Chapter 23 Instructional Materials for Students with a Disability Act 53B-23-101 – 53B-23-106
Chapter 25 Internet Postsecondary Institution Privacy Act 53B-25-101 – 53B-25-301
Chapter 26 Strategic Workforce Investment 53B-26-201 – 53B-26-303
Chapter 27 Campus Individual Rights Act 53B-27-101 – 53B-27-501
Chapter 28 Student Rights and Responsibilities 53B-28-101 – 53B-28-506
Chapter 29 Utah Valley University 53B-29-101 – 53B-29-303
Chapter 30 Multi-university Programs 53B-30-101 – 53B-30-206
Chapter 32 Career Readiness Act 53B-32-101 – 53B-32-201
Chapter 35 Higher Education and Corrections Council 53B-35-101 – 53B-35-202
Chapter 36 Southern Utah University 53B-36-101 – 53B-36-201