A. The Sheep Industry Board shall be responsible for the promotion and economic development of the sheep industry in the Commonwealth. To accomplish this function the Sheep Industry Board is authorized to:

Terms Used In Virginia Code 3.2-2104

1. Provide funding for predator control;

2. Produce economic reports;

3. Develop a sheep industry directory;

4. Provide funding for educational programs;

5. Provide funding for research;

6. Engage in media liaison;

7. Collect and analyze data on the sheep industry;

8. Disseminate industry-related data;

9. Enter into contracts and agreements to accomplish the purposes of this chapter; and

10. Establish, administer, manage, and make expenditures from the Virginia Sheep Industry Promotion and Development Fund as provided in § 3.2-2111.

B. The Sheep Industry Board may increase the original assessment of 50 cents ($0.50) for each sheep sold within the Commonwealth no more than 10 cents ($0.10) per year, up to a maximum assessment of $1 per head.

C. The chairman of the Sheep Industry Board shall make a report at the annual meeting of the Sheep Industry Board including a statement of the total receipts and disbursements for the year, and shall file a copy of the report with the Commissioner.

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