§ 9.1-1300 Domestic violence policies and procedures for law-enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth
§ 9.1-1301 Sexual assault policies for law-enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth; memoranda of understanding with institutions of higher education

Terms Used In Virginia Code > Title 9.1 > Chapter 13 - Domestic and Sexual Assault Policies

  • Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority.
  • Federal Reserve System: The central bank of the United States. The Fed, as it is commonly called, regulates the U.S. monetary and financial system. The Federal Reserve System is composed of a central governmental agency in Washington, D.C. (the Board of Governors) and twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks in major cities throughout the United States. Source: OCC
  • Licensee: means a person licensed under this chapter to engage in the business of selling money orders or the business of money transmission, or both. See Virginia Code 6.2-1900
  • Member: means a person who owns or controls a 10 percent or greater interest in a limited liability company. See Virginia Code 6.2-1900
  • Money order: means a check, traveler's check, draft, or other instrument for the transmission or payment of money or monetary value whether or not negotiable. See Virginia Code 6.2-1900
  • Money transmission: means receiving money or monetary value for transmission by wire, facsimile, electronic means or other means or selling or issuing stored value. See Virginia Code 6.2-1900
  • Ordinance: means any law, rule, regulation, or ordinance adopted by the governing body of any locality. See Virginia Code 3.2-6500
  • Outstanding: means :

    1. See Virginia Code 6.2-1900

  • Owner: means any person who: (i) has a right of property in an animal; (ii) keeps or harbors an animal; (iii) has an animal in his care; or (iv) acts as a custodian of an animal. See Virginia Code 3.2-6500
  • Pet shop: means a retail establishment where companion animals are bought, sold, exchanged, or offered for sale or exchange to the general public. See Virginia Code 3.2-6500
  • Principal: means any person who, directly or indirectly, owns or controls a 10 percent or greater interest in any form of entity. See Virginia Code 6.2-1900
  • Treasurer: includes the treasurer and his assistants of each county or city or other officer designated by law to collect taxes in such county or city. See Virginia Code 3.2-6500