In this subchapter:
   (1)   “Affiliated credentialing board” means the dietitians affiliated credentialing board.
   (1m)   “Certified dietitian” means an individual who is certified as a dietitian under this subchapter.
   (2)   “Dietetics” means the integration and application of principles of nutritional science, biochemistry, food science, physiology, food systems management, behavioral science and social science in order to achieve or maintain the health of an individual or group of individuals. “Dietetics” includes assessing the nutritional needs of an individual or group of individuals and determining available resources and constraints in meeting those nutritional needs; establishing priorities, goals and objectives that meet those nutritional needs and are consistent with available resources and constraints; providing nutrition counseling; or developing, implementing and managing nutritional care systems.
   (3)   “Dietitian” means an individual who practices dietetics.