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Cruelty to Animals

Domestic Violence

Driving While Intoxicated

Identity Theft

Insanity Defense

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Criminal Law - U.S. Code Provisions

U.S. Code > Title 18 - Crimes And Criminal Procedure

Criminal Law - Selected State Laws

AlabamaAlabama Code > Title 13A - Criminal Code
AlaskaAlaska Statutes Title 11 - Criminal Law
ArizonaArizona Laws > Title 13
CaliforniaCalifornia Penal Code
ConnecticutConnecticut General Statutes > Title 53a - Penal Code
DelawareDelaware Code Title 11 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure
FloridaFlorida Statutes > Title XLVI - Crimes
Florida Regulations > Division 2A - Division of Victim Services and Criminal Justice Programs
HawaiiHawaii Revised Statutes Division 5 - Crimes And Criminal Proceedings
IdahoIdaho Code Title 18 - Crimes And Punishments
IllinoisIllinois Compiled Statutes > Chapter 720 - Criminal Offenses
IndianaIndiana Code > Title 35 - Criminal Law And Procedure
IowaIowa Code Title XVI - Criminal Law And Procedure
KansasKansas Statutes > Chapter 21 - Crimes And Punishments
Kansas Statutes > Chapter 74 > Article 62 - Governor's Committee On Criminal Administration
Kansas Statutes > Chapter 74 > Article 95 - Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
LouisianaLouisiana Revised Statutes > Title 14 - Criminal law
MaineMaine Revised Statutes Title 17 - Crimes
Maine Revised Statutes Title 17-A - Maine Criminal Code
MarylandMaryland Code > Criminal Law
MassachusettsMassachusetts General Laws > Part IV
MichiganMichigan Laws > Chapter 18 > Act 541 of 1978 - Criminal Justice
Michigan Laws > Chapter 18 > Act 302 of 1982 - Michigan Justice Training Commission
Michigan Laws > Chapter 750 - Michigan Penal Code
Michigan Laws > Chapter 752 - Crimes and Offenses
MinnesotaMinnesota Statutes - Crimes, Criminals
MissouriMissouri Laws > Title XXXVIII
MontanaMontana Code Title 45 - Crimes
NebraskaNebraska Statutes > Chapter 28 - Crimes And Punishments
NevadaNevada Revised Statutes > Title 15 - Crimes And Punishments
New HampshireNew Hampshire Revised Statutes > Title LVIII - Public Justice
New Hampshire Revised Statutes > Title LXII - Criminal Code
New JerseyNew Jersey Statutes > Title 2C
New MexicoNew Mexico Statutes Chapter 30 - Criminal Offenses
New YorkNew York Laws - Executive > Article 35 - Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York Laws - Penal
New YorkNew York Laws > Executive > Article 35 - Division Of Criminal Justice Services
New York Laws > Penal
North CarolinaNorth Carolina General Statutes Chapter 14 - Criminal Law
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Title 12.1 - Criminal Code
OhioOhio Code > Title 29
OregonOregon Statutes > Volume 4 - Criminal Procedure; Crimes
Rhode IslandRhode Island General Laws > Title 11 - Criminal Offenses
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Code > Title 16 - Crimes and Offenses
South DakotaSouth Dakota Laws > Title 22 - Crimes
TennesseeTennessee Code > Title 39 - Criminal Offenses
TexasTexas Penal Code
UtahUtah Code > Title 63M > Chapter 7 - Criminal Justice and Substance Abuse
Utah Code > Title 76 - Utah Criminal Code
Utah Code > Future Title 76 - Utah Criminal Code
VermontVermont Statutes Title 13 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure
VirginiaVirginia Code Title 9.1 - Commonwealth Public Safety
Virginia Code Title 18.2 - Crimes and Offenses Generally
West VirginiaWest Virginia Code > Chapter 61 - Crimes and Their Punishment
WisconsinWisconsin Statutes > Police Regulations
Wisconsin Statutes > Criminal Code


Questions & Answers: Criminal Law

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Parental Criminal Liability for Acts of Minor Children

Last Updated August 4, 2008
The parents and guardians of children may be held legally responsible when a child commits a criminal act. Parents and guardians are held responsible under the theory of "vicarious liability." While a "parent" may be anyone who exercises control or authority over the child, typically a custodial parent is the one held criminally responsible for a child's acts. Parental vicarious liability stems from a parent's responsibility to supervise and educate a child.

Parental Vicarious Liability Coverage

The types of acts typically covered by vicarious liability statutes are: malicious or willful destruction of property, destruction of property in connection with hate crimes, theft and shoplifting, injury caused by firearms, music file sharing and computer hacking, vandalism to school or government property, and defacement of historical markers, gravesites, or flags.

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