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Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 521 - Residential Landlord-Tenant Code

Hawaii Revised Statutes > Division 3 > Title 28 > Chapter 521 - Residential Landlord-Tenant Code

Current as of: 2010
Part IGeneral Provisions and Definitions
Part IIRent
Part IIILimitations on Rental Agreements and Practices
Part IVLandlord Obligations
Part VTenant Obligations
Part VIRemedies and Penalties


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Comments (6)add comment
Philip: ...
Occupancy rules for Hawaii. I have been trying to find out what the limits are based on the number of bedroom and square footage but have not been able to find it. Can you help?

February 13, 2012
Philip: ...
Ok I was able to finally find the answer to the Occupancy Limits for Honolulu. If you go to the web site listed for the Honolulu City Department of Planning and Permiting you will find the answer.


Sec. 27-4.3 Room dimensions.
(b) Floor Area. Every dwelling unit and congregate residence shall have at least one room for living purposes which shall have not less than 120 square feet of floor area. Other habitable rooms except kitchens shall have a floor area of not less than 70 square feet. Where more than two persons occupy a room used for sleeping purposes the required floor area shall be increased at the rate of 50 square feet for each occupant in excess of two.

February 14, 2012
Angelia Anderson: ...
2 weeks ago our refrigerator went out and the manager hasn't had it fixed. We had to throw away alot of food and have been forced to eat out or buy meals daily and it has become costly. We have decided to move and am wondering if we should be compensated for this?

April 05, 2012
Lydia Perez: ...
I have tenant who passed away and am unable to reach his immediate family. Police dept said they will contact them and will contact me after they have done so. this is the 9th day since it happened and they have not contacted me after several messages I left for them..My concern is that the tenant had caused damages and contaminated the unit with feces and urine on the beddings, furniture and floors. Because of health and sanitary issues, I want to dispose of his beds, furniture and beddings and clothes and would like to have the unit cleaned as soon as possible before other units get contaminated also. Am I in a position to do so? I have not heard from the police dept or his family.

June 08, 2013
Brandi: ...
I am a single mother (actually married but separated) with four children whom I share custody with their father. I am looking for an affordable place to rent and would like to know what is the minimum square footage required. I did see the comment above, but I want to make sure I am calculating correctly... I came out to 340/440 square foot minimum.

August 09, 2013
Michele: ...
The company I hired to manage my rental condo in Hawaii quit because I'm selling the condo and not using them as realtor. They gave me their 30 day notice and said if I don't hire a licensed management company to replace them, they will not give the tenant's deposit to me, but by law, must give to the tenant. Is this true?

September 11, 2013

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