§ 21.1 Definitions
§ 21.2 Employees of the United States serving as witnesses
§ 21.3 Aliens
§ 21.4 Fees and allowances of fact witnesses
§ 21.5 Use of table of distances
§ 21.6 Proceedings in forma pauperis.
§ 21.7 Certification of witness attendance

Terms Used In 28 CFR Part 21 - Witness Fees

  • Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority.
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney: A federal prosecutor who represents the U.S. government and its citizens when a federal statute has been violated.
  • Grand jury: agreement providing that a lender will delay exercising its rights (in the case of a mortgage,
  • Outlays: Outlays are payments made (generally through the issuance of checks or disbursement of cash) to liquidate obligations. Outlays during a fiscal year may be for payment of obligations incurred in prior years or in the same year.
  • Probation: A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases convicted defendants under supervision as long as certain conditions are observed.