(a) Solicitation of construction funds

The Regents are authorized to solicit and receive subscriptions of funds from private sources for the purposes specified in this subsection. Funds so received shall be placed in a special deposit account with the Treasurer of the United States, and may be expended by the Regents to meet the cost of the construction of the building, including furnishings and equipment thereof, to obtain necessary drawings and specifications, make necessary surveys and estimates of cost, defray necessary administrative expenses, and secure other needful services.

(b) Construction of building

The Regents may, subject to the approval of the President, authorize the preparation of the site and the construction of the building, including approaches and landscaping of the grounds: Provided, That the Administrator of General Services shall supervise the preparation of the plans and specifications, make all necessary contracts, and supervise construction.

(c) Name of building; supervision and control

The name of the building shall be the Smithsonian Gallery of Art (hereinafter referred to as the “Gallery”), and it shall be under the supervision and control of the Regents and the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.