(a) Each dealer shall keep for six months from the date of purchase of a precious item and make available on request of a local law enforcement agency:

Terms Used In Alabama Code 8-34-3

  • dealer: Any person, corporation, or partnership that engages in the business of purchasing precious items for the purpose of reselling such items in any form. See Alabama Code 8-34-1
  • LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY: The chief of police for businesses located within the jurisdiction of a municipality and the county sheriff for businesses located outside the jurisdiction of a municipality. See Alabama Code 8-34-1
  • person: includes a corporation as well as a natural person. See Alabama Code 1-1-1
  • PRECIOUS ITEM: Any of the following:

    a. See Alabama Code 8-34-1

  • purchase: The acquisition of a precious item or items for a consideration of cash, goods, or another precious item. See Alabama Code 8-34-1

(1) The name, current address, date of birth, and signature of the person from whom the dealer purchased the item.

(2) A description of the person, including height, weight, race, complexion, and hair color.

(3) A valid identification card number as outlined in subsection (b).

(4) A list describing the items purchased from that person.

(b) (1) Before making a purchase, a dealer shall require the person from whom he or she is purchasing to identify himself or herself with a valid driver’s license, a non-driver’s identification card, armed services identification card, or other valid photo identification sufficient to obtain the information required pursuant to subsection (a).

(2) The method of photo identification shall contain a traceable serial number to be recorded by the dealer.

A list of the acceptable forms of photo identification shall be provided by each local law enforcement agency.

(c) Each dealer, at least once each week in which he or she makes a purchase, shall make out and deliver to the local law enforcement agency a true, complete, and legible list of all items purchased during the period since the last report. The dealer shall use local law enforcement agency forms to meet the requirements of this subsection if such forms are issued by the local law enforcement agency. The list shall include:

(1) The brand name and serial number, if any, of the item or items purchased.

(2) An accurate description of each item sufficient to enable the law enforcement agency to identify the item.

(3) The date and time when the item was received.

(4) The amount paid for each item.

(5) All information pursuant to subsection (a).

(Act 2010-732, p. 1843, §3.)