Article 2 Criminal History Background Checks of Curent Public Certified and Current Public Noncertified Employees 16-22A-30 – 16-22A-34
§ 16-22A-1 Short title; purpose
§ 16-22A-2 Legislative intent
§ 16-22A-3 Definitions
§ 16-22A-4 Initiation of request for criminal history background check
§ 16-22A-5 Agencies required to conduct criminal history background information checks
§ 16-22A-6 Request from schools for criminal history background information check
§ 16-22A-7 Responsibilities of individuals to provide information
§ 16-22A-8 Fingerprint training courses
§ 16-22A-9 Collection and transfer of fingerprints, fees, and information
§ 16-22A-10 Confidentiality of information
§ 16-22A-11 Rules and regulations
§ 16-22A-12 Penalties
§ 16-22A-13 Liability
§ 16-22A-14 Exceptions – Nonpublic schools
§ 16-22A-15 Exceptions – Church officials
§ 16-22A-16 Construction
§ 16-22A-17 Disposition of fees
§ 16-22A-18 Repealer