Sec. 1. From and after the effective date of this act in any county in this state having a population of not less than 312,000 and not more than 330,000, the general management and control of the public free schools and high schools in each county unless otherwise provided by law shall be vested in five (5) county school trustees elected from the county, one of whom shall be elected from the county at large by the qualified voters of the county and one from each commissioners precinct by the qualified voters of each commissioners precinct, who shall hold office for a term of two (2) years. The time for such election shall be the first Saturday in April of each year; the order for the election of county school trustees to be made by the County Judge at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of said election, and which order shall designate as voting places or places at which votes are cast for the district trustees of said common and independent school districts, respectively. The election officers appointed to hold the election for district trustees in each of said school districts, respectively, shall hold this election for county school trustees.

Terms Used In Texas Vernon's Civil Statutes 2676a

Sec. 2. It shall be no valid objection that the voters of a commissioners precinct are required by the operation of this Act to cast their ballots at a polling place outside the commissioners precinct of their residence.
Sec. 3. The Commissioners Court of each county within the scope of Section 1 shall appoint county school trustees to serve until the first regularly scheduled election as provided herein.
Sec. 4. All five (5) county school trustees shall be elected at the first regulary scheduled election. Two (2) of the trustees elected at this election shall serve initial terms of one (1) year. Two (2) or three (3) county school trustees shall thereafter be elected, alternately, at each subsequent election. The county school trustees shall draw lots to determine which two (2) shall serve initial terms of one (1) year.
Sec. 5. All vacancies occurring between elections shall be filled by appointment of the remaining trustees.
Sec. 6. The county judge of each such county shall continue to perform, without additional compensation, duties formerly constituting the role of the county superintendent. The Commissioners Court shall provide funds for secretarial and stenographic assistance to the county judge in performing these duties.
Sec. 7. The county school trustees shall not detach territory from any independent school district in such county and annex such territory to another independent school district without the prior consent of the school trustees of the district from which such territory is being detached as well as the prior consent of the school trustees of the district to which such detached territory is to be annexed.