§ 16-27A-1 Short title; civil enforcement of school bus violations authorized
§ 16-27A-2 Definitions
§ 16-27A-3 Adoption of automated school bus enforcement program; fines
§ 16-27A-4 Notice of violation; destruction of images and information
§ 16-27A-5 Payment of fines
§ 16-27A-6 Transfer of responsibility for payment of fine
§ 16-27A-7 Contesting a notice of violation; adjudication
§ 16-27A-8 Appeals
§ 16-27A-9 Exception when identity of owner cannot be reliably established
§ 16-27A-10 Nonpayment of civil fine
§ 16-27A-11 Construction with other laws
§ 16-27A-12 Cause of action by owner against actual operator