§ 30-1-3 Issue of incestuous marriages not deemed illegitimate
§ 30-1-4 Minimum age for contracting marriage
§ 30-1-5 Consent of parents and bond required for marriage of certain minors
§ 30-1-6 Solemnization of marriage of parties under age of consent or within prohibited degrees, etc
§ 30-1-7 Persons authorized to solemnize marriages
§ 30-1-8 Fee for performing marriage
§ 30-1-9 Marriage not to be solemnized without license; issuance, effect and duration of license; solemnization of marriage when license void
§ 30-1-10 Penalty for issuance of marriage license to minor contrary to provisions of chapter
§ 30-1-11 Penalty for solemnization of marriage without license
§ 30-1-12 Probate judge to maintain register of licenses; register deemed presumptive evidence of facts
§ 30-1-13 Persons solemnizing marriages to execute certificate; recordation thereof; marriage certificate deemed presumptive evidence of fact
§ 30-1-14 Failure of minister, etc., to return marriage certificate to probate judge
§ 30-1-16 Correction of vital error in marriage application, license, or certificate
§ 30-1-17 Correction of marriage records
§ 30-1-18 Probate judge to notify district attorney of offenses under chapter
§ 30-1-19 Marriage, recognition thereof, between persons of the same sex prohibited
§ 30-1-20 Common-law marriage abolished

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  • Common law: The legal system that originated in England and is now in use in the United States. It is based on judicial decisions rather than legislative action.