(a) There is created in the corporation a senior citizens housing development fund. Subject to direct appropriation or through proceeds of a bond issue, the corporation shall make grants to municipalities, public or private nonprofit corporations designated as tax exempt under 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3) and (4) (Internal Revenue Code of 1954), or regional housing authorities created in AS 18.55.996 (b) for the purpose of developing senior citizen housing. A grant from the proceeds of a bond issue may be made only to municipalities.

(b) Application for a grant under (a) of this section shall be in the form prescribed by the corporation. The application

(1) shall demonstrate the need for senior citizen housing in the area to be served and the feasibility of the proposed project; and

(2) must include an adequate management plan that shall demonstrate the ability of the eligible recipient to sustain the proposed project.

(c) A senior citizen housing project developed under this section

(1) shall be prepared in accordance with facility procurement policies developed by the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities under AS 35.10.160 – 35.10.200; and

(2) is a public facility under AS 35.10.160 – 35.10.200.

(d) The corporation shall adopt regulations to carry out the purposes of this section. The provisions of AS 18.56.088 (a) and (b) apply to regulations adopted under this section.

(e) In this section, “senior citizen housing” has the meaning given “senior housing” in AS 18.56.799 .