A driver education course or training that is approved by the department or the Department of Education and Early Development with the concurrence of the department, or is taught at an accredited college or university, is exempt from the provisions of this chapter, but an instructor employed by such a school or institution is exempt only to the extent that the instructor’s activities are as an agent of the school or institution.

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 28.17.021 - Exemptions

  • school: means a business or nonprofit enterprise for the education and training of persons, either practically or theoretically, or both, in the driving of motor vehicles, for which a consideration or tuition is charged;

    (2) "instructor" means a person, whether acting personally as operator of a school or acting for a school for compensation, who teaches, conducts classes of, gives demonstrations to, or supervises practice of, persons in the driving of motor vehicles. See Alaska Statutes 28.17.071