In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 41-3951

1. "Department" means the Arizona department of housing.

2. "Director" means the director of the Arizona department of housing.

3. "Low and moderate income" means household income that is insufficient to secure decent, safe and sanitary housing provided by private industry without subsidized financing and that is below respective income limits established by the department, taking into consideration such factors as:

(a) The total income of the household available for housing needs.

(b) The size of the household.

(c) The cost and condition of available housing facilities.

(d) The ability to obtain housing for the household in the private housing market and to pay the amounts at which private enterprise is providing decent, safe and sanitary housing.

(e) The standards established by various programs of the federal government for determining eligibility based on household or family income.