Tangible property that is held in a safe deposit box or any other safekeeping depository in this state in the ordinary course of the holder‘s business and the proceeds that result from the sale of the property permitted by law are presumed abandoned if the property remains unclaimed by the owner for more than three years after the expiration of the lease or rental period on the box or other depository.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 44-303

  • Holder: means a person who is obligated to hold for the account of or deliver or pay to the owner property that is subject to this chapter. See Arizona Laws 44-301
  • Lease: A contract transferring the use of property or occupancy of land, space, structures, or equipment in consideration of a payment (e.g., rent). Source: OCC
  • Owner: means a person who has a legal or equitable interest in property that is subject to this chapter or the person's legal representative. See Arizona Laws 44-301
  • Property: means tangible property pursuant to section 44-303 or a fixed and certain interest in intangible property that is held, issued or owed in the course of a holder's business or by a government, governmental subdivision, agency or instrumentality and all income or increments from that property. See Arizona Laws 44-301
  • State: means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or any territory or insular possession that is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. See Arizona Laws 44-301