§ 10-500 Office of Early Childhood. Commissioner. Responsibilities. Successor department
§ 10-500a Authority of office re licensing matters
§ 10-501 Early childhood information system
§ 10-502 Collaboration with local and regional early childhood councils
§ 10-503 Early childhood accountability plan. Report cards. Report
§ 10-504 Child care development block grant administered by the Office of Early Childhood
§ 10-505 Grant program for costs associated with classroom start-up and new spaces in certain school readiness programs
§ 10-506 Connecticut Smart Start competitive grant program
§ 10-507 Smart start competitive capital grant account. Smart start competitive operating grant account
§ 10-508 Bond authorization for the Smart Start competitive grant program
§ 10-515 Preschool experience survey
§ 10-516 Competitive grants for alliance school districts
§ 10-520 Trend analysis of certain bachelor’s degree programs in early childhood education or child development
§ 10-520a Report re staff qualifications requirement compliance