§ 53-80a Manufacture of bombs
§ 53-129a Defrauding secured party
§ 53-129b Concealment or conveyance of leased property
§ 53-130 Concealing or destroying attached property
§ 53-131 Removal of identifying marks on electrical devices
§ 53-132 Sale of equipment with defective identification marks
§ 53-132a Altering manufacturer’s serial number
§ 53-133 Unlawful alteration or disposal of rental electric storage batteries
§ 53-134 Possession of outboard motor having defaced factory or engine number
§ 53-142a Illegal sale or possession of master car key
§ 53-142b Transferral, sale or use of records, tapes, film, cassettes or discs without owner’s consent, or supplying machinery for reproduction thereof, prohibited. Exceptions
§ 53-142c Manufacture, sale or distribution of records, tapes, cassettes or discs without identification marks prohibited
§ 53-142d Penalties for violations of sections 53-142b, 53-142c
§ 53-142f Possession of unauthorized recordings prohibited
§ 53-142j Destruction, delay or opening of letters and packages by private messenger or courier service prohibited
§ 53-142k Organized retail theft