Chapter 1 Arson
Chapter 2 Burglary
Chapter 3 Burglarious and Larcenous Instruments and Deadly Weapons
Chapter 4 Forgery and Counterfeiting
Chapter 5 Larceny
Chapter 6 Embezzlement
Chapter 7 Extortion
Chapter 8 False Personation and Cheats
Chapter 10 Crimes Against Insured Property and Insurers
Chapter 12 Unlawful Interference With Property
Chapter 12.5 Crimes Involving Bailments
Chapter 12.6 Crimes Involving Branded Containers, Cabinets, or Other Dairy Equipment
Chapter 12.7 Unlawful Subleasing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 14 Fraudulent Issue of Documents of Title to Merchandise
Chapter 15 Malicious Injuries to Railroad Bridges, Highways, Bridges, and Telegraphs