Chapter 422 Department of Agriculture 22-1 to 22-26z
Chapter 422a Agricultural Lands 22-26aa to 22-26qq
Chapter 423 Grading and Marketing of Farm Products 22-27 to 22-54u
Chapter 424 Seeds 22-55 to 22-61n
Chapter 425 Regional Markets 22-62 to 22-78a
Chapter 426 Agricultural Experiment Stations 22-79 to 22-104
Chapter 427a Connecticut Fertilizer Law of 2008 22-111a to 22-111z
Chapter 427b Soil Amendments and Agricultural Liming Material 22-111aa to 22-111yy
Chapter 428a Commercial and Customer-Formula Feeds 22-118a to 22-118v
Chapter 429 Agricultural Societies 22-119 to 22-126a
Chapter 430 Milk and Milk Products 22-127 to 22-203z
Chapter 430a Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact 22-203aa to 22-203cc
Chapter 431 Milk Industry 22-204 to 22-265b
Chapter 432 Slaughtering of Animals. Commission Sales Stables 22-266 to 22-277a
Chapter 433 Diseases of Domestic Animals 22-278 to 22-321
Chapter 434 Poultry Farming. Poultry Dealers. Diseases of Poultry 22-322 to 22-326t
Chapter 435 Dogs and Other Companion Animals. Kennels and Pet Shops 22-327 to 22-367a
Chapter 436a Animal Population Control 22-380a to 22-380m
Chapter 437 Livestock Dealers 22-381 to 22-391
Chapter 438a Horses 22-410 to 22-415j
Chapter 438b State Aquaculture Commission 22-416 to 22-449
Chapter 438c Connecticut Equestrian Center Authority 22-450 to 22-454
Chapter 438d Connecticut Seafood Development Council. Connecticut Food Policy Council 22-455 to 22-457