Chapter 422 Department of Agriculture
Chapter 422a Agricultural Lands
Chapter 423 Grading and Marketing of Farm Products
Chapter 424 Seeds
Chapter 425 Regional Markets
Chapter 426 Agricultural Experiment Stations
Chapter 427a Connecticut Fertilizer Law of 2008
Chapter 427b Soil Amendments and Agricultural Liming Material
Chapter 428a Commercial and Customer-Formula Feeds
Chapter 429 Agricultural Societies
Chapter 430 Milk and Milk Products
Chapter 430a Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact
Chapter 431 Milk Industry
Chapter 432 Slaughtering of Animals. Commission Sales Stables
Chapter 433 Diseases of Domestic Animals
Chapter 434 Poultry Farming. Poultry Dealers. Diseases of Poultry
Chapter 435 Dogs and Other Companion Animals. Kennels and Pet Shops
Chapter 436a Animal Population Control
Chapter 437 Livestock Dealers
Chapter 438a Horses
Chapter 438b State Aquaculture Commission
Chapter 438c Connecticut Equestrian Center Authority
Chapter 438d Connecticut Seafood Advisory Council. Connecticut Food Policy Council