The following honey bee pests, races, and articles are found to be capable of damaging or causing abnormalities to honey bees, colonies of honey bee or beeswax and is declared to constitute a nuisance. Any other honey bee pest, race, or regulated article will be considered a threat to the state upon a risk assessment conducted by the Department. The risk assessment will be incident specific, and may include, but is not limited to, the origin, regulatory environment of origin, and nature of the honey bee pest, race, or regulated article.
    (1) Honey bee pests:
    (a) American foulbrood. The disease organism known as Paenibacillus larvae.
    (b) The mite Troplaelaps clareae.
    (2) Honey bee races:
    (a) Apis mellifera scutellata, African honey bee.
    (b) Apis mellifera capensis, Cape honey bee.
    (3) Regulated Articles:
    (a) Honey bee. All forms of the insect, Apis mellifera.
    (b) Regulated honey bee pests. Those honey bee pests listed under Fl. Admin. Code R. 5B-54.003
    (c) Unwanted races of honey bees listed under subsection (2).
    (d) Used beekeeping equipment or fixtures.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 586.10(2). Law Implemented 586.10(3) FS. History—New 11-22-88, Amended 11-4-92, 7-9-95, 3-11-04, 8-24-05, 3-27-18.