Each beekeeper having honey bee colonies within the state must register with the department utilizing the following procedures:
    (1) Submit an application which shall contain provisions with which the applicant must comply and must be signed by the applicant or applicant’s representative. The Application for Beekeeping Registration, (FDACS 08176, revised 1/18), is provided for this purpose and incorporated herein by reference. A copy may be obtained from online at http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-09146.
    (2) An applicant’s honey bees shall be inspected by an authorized representative of the department and found to be free from common honey bee pests, including pests listed in Rule 5B-54.003, F.A.C., and from unwanted races of honey bees listed in Rule 5B-54.004, F.A.C.
    (3) By signing the application the beekeeper agrees to comply with appropriate rules of the department. Each Application for Beekeeping Registration (FDACS 08176, revised 1/18), must be accompanied by the proper registration fee based on the total number of colonies operated by the registrant as follows:
Number of Colonies
1 — 5
6 — 40
41 — 200
201 — 500
501 +    
    (4) Upon approval of an application, the department will issue to the applicant beekeeper a Certificate of Beekeeping Registration, (FDACS-08177, revised 07/17) which is incorporated in Rule 5B-54.014, F.A.C.
    (5) Annual renewal of the certificate must be made not later than the anniversary date of the certificate and must be accompanied by the appropriate registration fee.
    (6) Annual renewal received after the anniversary date shall be accompanied by a $10 late filing fee.
    (7) Failure to register or maintain active registration while maintaining European honey bees is a violation of Florida Statutes § 586.045, and is subject to the penalties set forth in Florida Statutes § 586.15
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 586.10(2). Law Implemented 586.045, 586.10(3), 586.15 FS. History—New 11-22-88, Amended 11-4-92, 6-20-00, 3-11-04, 1-1-14, 3-27-18.