(1) Acupuncturists are required to maintain written medical records justifying the course of treatment of each patient. These records must include for each patient at least the following:
    (a) Patient’s Medical History;
    (b) Acupuncture Diagnostic Impressions;
    (c) Points Used and/or Treatment Procedures Administered at Each Visit;
    (d) Acupuncturists’ Recommendations;
    (e) Patient Progress Notes;
    (f) Laboratory test results when appropriate and medically necessary; and,
    (g) Imaging films, reports or test results when appropriate and medically necessary.
    (2) All medical records must be maintained by the acupuncturist for a period of five (5) years from the date of the last entry to the record.
Rulemaking Authority 457.104, 457.109(1)(m) FS. Law Implemented 457.109(1)(m) FS. History—New 5-24-87, Amended 12-21-87, Formerly 21AA-10.001, Amended 12-26-93, Formerly 61F1-10.001, 59M-10.001, Amended 2-26-01.