Effective date: 3/21/1995

    (1) The Board shall hold such meetings during the year as it may deem necessary, one of which shall be the annual meeting. The Chairman is authorized to appoint committees, composed of members of the Board, to assist in the performance of the Board’s functions. The Committee shall hold such meetings as deemed necessary.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 64B13-2.009

  • Probable cause: A reasonable ground for belief that the offender violated a specific law.
    (2) The following shall be considered to be official business involving the Board for which compensation may be received:
    (a) Board meetings.
    (b) Meetings of Committees appointed pursuant to subsection (1), of this rule.
    (c) Meetings of a Board member with Department of Health staff or contractors of the Department.
    (d) Meetings attended by a Board member where the attendance and participation of the Board member at the meeting has been:
    1. Requested or approved by the secretary of the State Surgeon General or the Board; and,
    2. The Board member’s participation at the meeting is related to the Board’s authority as set forth in Chapter 463, F.S.
    (e) Probable Cause Panel Meetings.
    (f) Telephone conference calls may still be utilized to conduct business of the Board; however compensation may not be received for such calls.
    (g) Other business involving the Board. The phrase “other business involving the board” shall include the participation in any Board activity approved by the Board which relates to the Board’s duty, responsibility or authority as set forth in Chapter 463 or 455, Part II, F.S.
    (3) A Board member’s absence shall be considered unexcused if the Board member did not receive approval from the chairperson or the chairperson’s designee prior to the date of the meeting.
Rulemaking Authority 455.534(3), (4) FS. Law Implemented 455.534(3), (4) FS. History—New 11-14-79, Amended 4-18-80, 10-6-81, 4-10-84, 9-25-85, Formerly 21Q-2.09, 21Q-2.009, 61F8-2.009, Amended 3-21-95, Formerly 59V-2.009.