Effective date: 10/2/2018

    An applicant who fails to achieve a passing score on any part of the licensure examination may retake any part by registering directly with the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO). There is no limitation on the number of times an applicant may retake any examination part.
Rulemaking Authority 456.017(2), 463.005 FS. Law Implemented 456.017(2), 463.006 FS. History—New 11-13-79, Amended 10-3-82, 4-7-85, 7-9-85, Formerly 21Q-4.02, Amended 11-20-86, 4-20-93, Formerly 21Q-4.002, 61F8-4.002, Amended 11-21-94, Formerly 59V-4.002, Amended 7-15-02, 2-1-12, 2-27-14, 2-28-16, 10-2-18.