Effective date: 11/5/2014

    The following criteria are hereby established for the selection of consultants:
    (1) All prospective consultants must have received approval of the Board prior to their selection by the Department of Health. The Department shall submit annually the curricula vitae of new consultants, and shall submit updated curricula vitae of all previously approved consultants every three years.
    (2) In order to receive approval of the Board, a prospective consultant must comply with the following minimum requirements:
    (a) Licensure as an optometrist in this State for at least three years preceding the date of the examination development meeting at which they will serve as a consultant.
    (b) The absence of any finding by the Board that the prospective consultant has violated Chapters 456 and 463, F.S., or the rules promulgated thereunder or is under current investigation by the Department or the Agency for Health Care Administration.
Rulemaking Authority 456.017(1)(b) FS. Law Implemented 456.017(1)(a), (b) FS. History—New 10-6-81, Formerly 21Q-4.05, Amended 7-21-86, 11-20-86, Formerly 21Q-4.005, 61F8-4.005, 59V-4.005, Amended 2-7-01, 8-7-01, 3-8-04, 11-5-14.