R. 15A-9.001 Authority
R. 15A-9.002 Purpose
R. 15A-9.003 Definitions
R. 15A-9.004 When Ignition Interlock Devices Are Required
R. 15A-9.0041 Medical Considerations
R. 15A-9.005 Specifications
R. 15A-9.006 Procedure for Ignition Interlock Device Approval
R. 15A-9.007 Certification
R. 15A-9.008 Installation and De-installation
R. 15A-9.009 Servicing
R. 15A-9.010 Monitoring
R. 15A-9.011 Warning Label
R. 15A-9.012 Liability
R. 15A-9.013 Auditing of Administrative Offices and Service Providers

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