(1) The Board of Optometry has authority to adopt rules pursuant to ss. 120.536(1) and 120.54 to implement the provisions of this chapter conferring duties upon it. Such rules shall include, but not be limited to, rules relating to:

(a) Standards of practice, including, but not limited to, those provided for in s. 463.0135.

Terms Used In Florida Statutes 463.005

  • Board: means the Board of Optometry. See Florida Statutes 570.051
  • Licensed practitioner: means a person who is a primary health care provider licensed to engage in the practice of optometry under the authority of this chapter. See Florida Statutes 570.051
  • Optometry: means the diagnosis of conditions of the human eye and its appendages; the employment of any objective or subjective means or methods, including the administration of ocular pharmaceutical agents, for the purpose of determining the refractive powers of the human eyes, or any visual, muscular, neurological, or anatomic anomalies of the human eyes and their appendages; and the prescribing and employment of lenses, prisms, frames, mountings, contact lenses, orthoptic exercises, light frequencies, and any other means or methods, including ocular pharmaceutical agents, for the correction, remedy, or relief of any insufficiencies or abnormal conditions of the human eyes and their appendages. See Florida Statutes 570.051
(b) Minimum equipment which a licensed practitioner shall at all times possess to engage in the practice of optometry.
(c) Minimum procedures which shall constitute a visual examination.
(d) Procedures for the safekeeping and transfer of prescription files or case records upon the discontinuance of practice.
(e) Supervision of supportive personnel.
(f) Courses and procedures for continuing education.
(g) Administration and prescription of ocular pharmaceutical agents.
(2) The board is authorized to disseminate information, the sole purpose of which is to inform licensed practitioners and the public of regulations regarding the practice of optometry.