Terms Used In Idaho Code 18-8316

  • Board: means the sexual offender management board described in section 18-8312, Idaho Code. See Idaho Code 18-8303
  • Certified evaluator: means either a psychiatrist licensed by this state pursuant to chapter 18, title 54, Idaho Code, or a master’s or doctoral level mental health professional licensed by this state pursuant to Idaho Code 18-8303
  • Incarceration: means committed to the custody of the Idaho department of correction or department of juvenile corrections, but excluding cases where the court has retained jurisdiction. See Idaho Code 18-8303
  • Offender: means an individual convicted of an offense listed and described in section 18-8304, Idaho Code, or a substantially similar offense under the laws of another jurisdiction or military court or the court of another country deemed by the U. See Idaho Code 18-8303
  • Offense: means a sexual offense listed in section 18-8304, Idaho Code. See Idaho Code 18-8303
  • Probation: A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases convicted defendants under supervision as long as certain conditions are observed.
If ordered by the court, an offender convicted of any offense listed in section 18-8304, Idaho Code, may submit to an evaluation to be completed and submitted to the court in the form of a written report from a certified evaluator as defined in section 18-8303, Idaho Code, for the court’s consideration prior to sentencing and incarceration or release on probation. The court shall select the certified evaluator from a central roster of evaluators compiled by the sexual offender management board. A certified evaluator performing such an evaluation shall be disqualified from providing any treatment ordered as a condition of any sentence, unless waived by the court. An evaluation conducted pursuant to this section shall be done in accordance with the standards established by the board pursuant to section 18-8314, Idaho Code.