18-3601 Forgery Defined
18-3602 False Entries in Books of Record
18-3603 Public Seals — Forging or Counterfeiting
18-3604 Punishment for Forgery
18-3605 Possession of Forged Notes or Bank Bills or Check or Checks
18-3606 Fictitious Bills, Notes, and Checks — Making, Passing, Uttering, or Publishing
18-3607 Counterfeiting Coin or Bullion
18-3608 Punishment for Counterfeiting
18-3609 Possession of Counterfeit Coin
18-3610 Possession of Counterfeiting Apparatus
18-3611 Counterfeiting Railroad Ticket
18-3612 Restoring Canceled Railroad Tickets
18-3613 Simulation of Switch and Car Keys
18-3614 Forging or Counterfeiting Trade-Marks
18-3615 Sale of Counterfeit Goods
18-3616 Forged and Counterfeit Trade-Marks Defined
18-3617 Trademark Defined
18-3619 Slugs or Counterfeited Coins — Penalty for Use in Vending Machines or Coin-Boxes
18-3620 Slugs or Counterfeited Coins — Penalty for Manufacture or Sale