(a) All law enforcement agencies and policing bodies of this State shall, upon receipt of a report of a missing person, enter that report into LEADS as soon as the minimum level of data specified pursuant to subsection (e) of Section 6 is available and shall furnish the Department, in the form and detail the Department requires, (1) reports of cases of lost, missing or runaway children as they arise and the disposition of such cases, (2) information relating to sex crimes which occurred in their respective jurisdictions and which they investigated, and (3) the names and addresses of sex offenders required to register in their respective jurisdictions under the Sex Offender Registration Act. Such information shall be submitted on a regular basis, as deemed necessary by the Department, and shall be kept in a central automated data repository for the purpose of establishing profiles of sex offenders and victims and to assist all law enforcement agencies in the identification and apprehension of sex offenders.
     (b) In addition to entering the report of a missing child into LEADS as prescribed by subsection (a), all law enforcement agencies shall, upon receipt of a report of a missing child:

Terms Used In Illinois Compiled Statutes 325 ILCS 40/7

         (1) Immediately make a radio dispatch to officers on
duty at the time of receipt of the report. The dispatch shall contain the name and approximate age of the missing child and any other pertinent information available at that time. In the event that the law enforcement agency receiving the report of the missing child does not operate a radio dispatch system, a geographically appropriate radio dispatch system shall be used, such as the Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network or a similar multi-agency law enforcement radio communication system serving the area of the reporting agency.
        In addition, in the event that a missing child is not
recovered during the work shift in which the radio dispatch was made, the law enforcement agency receiving the report of the missing child shall disseminate the information relating to the missing child to all sworn personnel employed by the agency who work or are assigned to other shifts or time periods.
        (2) Immediately contact State Missing Persons
Clearinghouse personnel designated by the Department, by a means and in a manner and form prescribed by the Department, informing the personnel of the report of the missing child.