28C-1 Death not presumed from seven years’ absence; exposure to peril to be considered
28C-2 Action for receiver; contents of complaint; parties
28C-3 Procedure on complaint
28C-4 Notice to interested persons
28C-5 Service of notices
28C-6 Procedure after notice
28C-7 Property transferred to permanent receiver by order of judge; filing of inventory; recordation of order of transfer
28C-8 Powers and duties of permanent receiver
28C-9 Search for absentee
28C-10 Claims against absentee
28C-11 Final finding and decree
28C-12 Termination of receivership
28C-13 Distribution of property of absentee
28C-14 Additional limitations on accounting, distribution or making claim by absentee
28C-15 When claim of absentee barred
28C-16 Laws of administration of estates applicable
28C-17 Appointment of public administrator as receiver for estate of less than $1,000
28C-18 Payment of insurance policies
28C-19 Absentee Insurance Fund
28C-20 Provisions applicable to person held incommunicado in foreign country
28C-21 When agents’ acts binding on estate of absentee
28C-22 Provisions of Chapter severable