Sec. 3. (a) The director of the division of mental health and addiction has administrative control of and responsibility for the state institution network operating as an integrated mental health system, including the following:

(1) Evansville State Hospital.

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(2) Evansville State Psychiatric Treatment Center for Children.

(3) Logansport State Hospital.

(4) Madison State Hospital.

(5) Richmond State Hospital.

(6) The Neurodiagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center.

(7) Any other state owned or operated mental health institution, including a freestanding facility or satellite facility.

     (b) Subject to the approval of the director of the budget agency and the governor, the director of the division of mental health and addiction may contract for the management and clinical operation of any state institution, including contracting with a nonstate entity for services.

[Pre-1992 Revision Citations: subsection (a) formerly 16-13-1-9(a); 16-13-1-7.1(a)(2); subsection (b) formerly 16-13-1-9(f).]

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