Sec. 1. Either party may request a protective order to prevent domestic or family violence at any time during the dissolution of marriage or legal separation action by filing a petition under IC 34-26-5 in the court in which the case is pending. The court may not require the moving party to give security. If the petitioner requests an ex parte protective order, the court shall immediately:

(1) review the request; and

(2) if required, set a hearing;

under IC 34-26-5. The procedure and law for a proceeding under this section are controlled by IC 34-26-5.

[Pre-1997 Recodification Citation: 31-1-11.5-8.2(a) part.]

As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.7. Amended by P.L.197-1997, SEC.6; P.L.133-2002, SEC.31; P.L.221-2003, SEC.6.