§ 36-4-101 Grounds for divorce from bonds of matrimony
§ 36-4-102 Legal separation
§ 36-4-103 Irreconcilable differences — Procedure
§ 36-4-104 Residence requirements
§ 36-4-105 Venue
§ 36-4-106 Contents of petition for divorce and legal separation
§ 36-4-107 Verification of petition — Effect of noncompliance
§ 36-4-108 Security for costs — Service of process
§ 36-4-109 Time for hearing
§ 36-4-110 Appearance and answer
§ 36-4-111 Failure to separate not a defense
§ 36-4-112 Defense when ground is adultery
§ 36-4-113 Issues — Trial by jury — New trial
§ 36-4-114 Proof required
§ 36-4-115 Form of proof
§ 36-4-116 Affidavits of proof not required — Sworn statements concerning financial matters required — Sworn statements as evidence
§ 36-4-117 Proof when ground is spouse’s refusal to remove to this state
§ 36-4-118 Proof when ground is conviction of crime
§ 36-4-119 Decree of court generally
§ 36-4-120 Decree of court in action brought under § 36-4-102
§ 36-4-121 Distribution of marital property
§ 36-4-122 Costs
§ 36-4-123 Appeals
§ 36-4-124 Right to remarry
§ 36-4-125 Legitimacy of children unaffected by divorce or annulment
§ 36-4-126 Suspension of proceedings to attempt reconciliation — Revocation
§ 36-4-127 Expunction of divorce records upon reconciliation of parties
§ 36-4-128 Remarriage after spouse’s two-year absence — Effect of spouse’s return
§ 36-4-129 Stipulated grounds and/or defenses — Grant of divorce
§ 36-4-130 Mediation — Confidentiality of information and documents
§ 36-4-131 Mediation — Waiver or extension — Domestic abuse
§ 36-4-132 Appointment of guardian ad litem
§ 36-4-133 Compliance with notice of insurance termination provisions required
§ 36-4-134 Notice that the decree does not necessarily affect the ability of a creditor to proceed against a party or a party’s property

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