§ 46b-40 Grounds for dissolution of marriage; legal separation; annulment
§ 46b-41 Complaint includes cross-complaints or cross actions
§ 46b-42 Jurisdiction
§ 46b-43 Capacity of minor to prosecute or defend
§ 46b-44 Residency requirement
§ 46b-44a Filing of joint petition for nonadversarial dissolution of marriage. Procedure
§ 46b-44b Revocation of joint petition for nonadversarial dissolution of marriage. Effect
§ 46b-44c Disposition of nonadversarial dissolution of marriage; entry of decree of dissolution of marriage
§ 46b-44d Nonadversarial dissolution of marriage. Appearance of parties required; exceptions
§ 46b-45 Service and filing of complaint
§ 46b-45a Allegation of pregnancy in pleadings. Disagreement as to paternity. Hearing
§ 46b-46 Notice to nonresident party. Jurisdiction over nonresident for alimony and support
§ 46b-47 Complaint for dissolution of marriage on ground of confinement for mental illness; procedure
§ 46b-48 Dissolution of marriage or annulment upon conviction of crime against chastity; procedure
§ 46b-49 Private hearing
§ 46b-50 Number of witnesses in uncontested action
§ 46b-51 Stipulation of parties and finding of irretrievable breakdown
§ 46b-52 Recrimination and condonation abolished
§ 46b-53 Conciliation procedures; privileged communications
§ 46b-53a Mediation program for persons filing for dissolution of marriage. Privileged communications
§ 46b-54 Appointment of counsel or guardian ad litem for a minor child. Duties. Best interests of the child
§ 46b-55 Attorney General as party. Paternity establishment
§ 46b-56 Orders re custody, care, education, visitation and support of children. Best interests of the child. Access to records of minor child by noncustodial parent. Orders re therapy, counseling and drug or alcohol screening
§ 46b-56a Joint custody. Definition. Presumption. Conciliation. Parental responsibility plan. Modification of orders
§ 46b-56b Presumption re best interest of child to be in custody of parent
§ 46b-56c Educational support orders
§ 46b-56d Relocation of parent with minor child. Burden of proof. Factors considered by court
§ 46b-56e Orders of custody or visitation re children of deploying parent
§ 46b-56f Emergency ex parte order of custody
§ 46b-57 Third party intervention re custody of minor children. Preference of child
§ 46b-58 Custody, maintenance and education of adopted children
§ 46b-59 Petition for right of visitation with minor child. Order for payment of fees
§ 46b-59a Mediation of disputes re enforcement of visitation rights
§ 46b-59b Court may not grant visitation to parent convicted of murder. Exception
§ 46b-60 Orders re children and alimony in annulment cases
§ 46b-61 Orders re children where parents live separately. Commencement of proceedings
§ 46b-62 Orders for payment of attorney’s fees and fees of guardian ad litem in certain actions. Limitations on orders for payment of fees to counsel or guardian ad litem for a minor child. Methodology for calculating fees on sliding-scale basis
§ 46b-63 Restoration of birth name or former name of spouse
§ 46b-64 Orders of court prior to return day of complaint
§ 46b-65 Filing of declaration of resumption of marital relations; dissolution of marriage after legal separation decree when no declaration filed
§ 46b-66 Review of agreements; incorporation into decree. Arbitration
§ 46b-66a Order of court re conveyance of title to real property. Effect of decree
§ 46b-67 Waiting period. Filing of motion to waive waiting period. Effect of decree
§ 46b-68 Reports to Department of Public Health re dissolutions of marriage and annulments
§ 46b-69 Statutes applicable to matrimonial actions
§ 46b-69a Wage executions and earning assignments
§ 46b-69b Parenting education program
§ 46b-69c Advisory committee. Recommendations to Judicial Department
§ 46b-70 Foreign matrimonial judgment defined
§ 46b-71 Filing of foreign matrimonial judgment; enforcement in this state
§ 46b-72 Notification of filing
§ 46b-73 Stay of enforcement; modifications; hearing
§ 46b-74 Right to action on judgment unimpaired
§ 46b-75 Uniformity of interpretation
§ 46b-80 Prejudgment remedies available; lis pendens; notice; effect
§ 46b-81 Assignment of property and transfer of title
§ 46b-82 Alimony
§ 46b-83 Alimony, support and use of family home or other residential dwelling unit awarded pendente lite. Voluntary leaving of family home by one parent
§ 46b-84 Parents’ obligation for maintenance of minor child. Order for health insurance coverage
§ 46b-85 Order for support of mentally ill spouse
§ 46b-86 Modification of alimony or support orders and judgments
§ 46b-87 Contempt of orders
§ 46b-87a Forms and instructions for application for contempt order based on violation of visitation order
§ 46b-88 National Medical Support Notice. Duties of issuing agency, employer and administrator of group health plan