§ 20-28-10-1 Leave of absence; generally
§ 20-28-10-2 Leave of absence; rights of teacher; group insurance coverage; sick leave; probationary years of service; charges against teacher’s accumulated sick days
§ 20-28-10-3 Leave of absence; sabbatical
§ 20-28-10-4 Leave of absence; disability or sick leave
§ 20-28-10-5 Leave of absence; pregnancy
§ 20-28-10-6 Full-time defense service
§ 20-28-10-7 Defense service; professional or established teacher
§ 20-28-10-8 Defense service; probationary teacher
§ 20-28-10-9 Defense service; teacher’s reinstatement status
§ 20-28-10-10 Defense service; rights under teachers’ retirement fund
§ 20-28-10-11 Defense service; reinstatement period
§ 20-28-10-12 Antidiscrimination; marital status
§ 20-28-10-13 Antidiscrimination; residence requirements
§ 20-28-10-14 Teacher’s freedom of association
§ 20-28-10-15 Teacher as public office candidate
§ 20-28-10-16 Teacher serving in the general assembly
§ 20-28-10-17 School counselors; privileged or confidential information
§ 20-28-10-18 Teacher’s legal recourse for infringement of rights and privileges
§ 20-28-10-19 Daily free time for teachers

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