§ 32-31-5-1 Applicability of chapter
§ 32-31-5-2 Applicability of definitions
§ 32-31-5-3 “Dwelling unit” defined
§ 32-31-5-4 Written notice required to modify rental agreement
§ 32-31-5-5 Tenant’s personal property
§ 32-31-5-6 Landlord prohibited from interfering with access, possession, or essential services; unit entry by landlord
§ 32-31-5-7 Written acknowledgement by tenant

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 32 > Article 31 > Chapter 5 - Rental Agreements; Right of Access

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • dwelling unit: means a structure or part of a structure that is used as a home, residence, or sleeping unit. See Indiana Code 32-31-5-3
  • Forbearance: A means of handling a delinquent loan. A
  • in writing: include printing, lithographing, or other mode of representing words and letters. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • Obligation: An order placed, contract awarded, service received, or similar transaction during a given period that will require payments during the same or a future period.
  • Property: includes personal and real property. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5