§ 29B.1 Persons subject to code
§ 29B.2 Jurisdiction to try personnel
§ 29B.3 Territorial applicability of code
§ 29B.4 Apprehension
§ 29B.5 Apprehension of deserters
§ 29B.6 Imposition of restraint
§ 29B.7 Probable cause
§ 29B.8 Restraint of persons charged with offenses
§ 29B.9 Posting of bond
§ 29B.10 Confinement in jails
§ 29B.11 Reports and receiving of prisoners
§ 29B.12 Punishment prohibited before trial
§ 29B.13 Delivery of offenders to civil authorities
§ 29B.14 Commanding officer’s nonjudicial punishment.
§ 29B.15 Courts-martial classified
§ 29B.16 Jurisdiction of courts-martial in general
§ 29B.17 Jurisdiction of general courts-martial
§ 29B.18 Jurisdiction of special or summary courts-martial
§ 29B.19 Sentences of dismissal or dishonorable discharge to be approved by the governor
§ 29B.20 Complete record
§ 29B.21 Confinement instead of fine
§ 29B.22 Judge advocates and legal officers
§ 29B.23 Who may convene general courts-martial
§ 29B.24 Who may convene special courts-martial
§ 29B.25 Summary courts-martial — who may convene.
§ 29B.26 Who may serve on courts-martial
§ 29B.27 Military judge of a general court-martial
§ 29B.28 Detail of trial counsel and defense counsel
§ 29B.29 Detail or employment of reporters and interpreters
§ 29B.30 Absent and additional members
§ 29B.31 Charges and specifications
§ 29B.32 Compulsory self-incrimination prohibited
§ 29B.33 Investigation
§ 29B.34 Forwarding of charges
§ 29B.35 Advice of staff judge advocate and reference for trial
§ 29B.36 Service of charges
§ 29B.37 Adjutant general may prescribe rules
§ 29B.38 Unlawfully influencing action of court
§ 29B.39 Duties of trial counsel and defense counsel
§ 29B.40 Sessions
§ 29B.41 Continuances
§ 29B.42 Challenges
§ 29B.43 Oaths
§ 29B.44 Statute of limitations
§ 29B.45 Former jeopardy
§ 29B.46 Pleas of the accused
§ 29B.47 Opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence
§ 29B.48 Refusal to appear or testify
§ 29B.49 Contempts
§ 29B.50 Depositions
§ 29B.51 Admissibility of records of courts of inquiry
§ 29B.52 Voting and rulings
§ 29B.53 Number of votes required
§ 29B.54 Court to announce action
§ 29B.55 Record of trial
§ 29B.56 Cruel and unusual punishments prohibited
§ 29B.57 Maximum fines
§ 29B.58 Effective date of sentences
§ 29B.59 Execution of confinement
§ 29B.60 Execution of sentence — suspension of sentence.
§ 29B.61 Initial action of record
§ 29B.62 General court-martial records
§ 29B.63 Reconsideration and revision
§ 29B.64 Rehearings
§ 29B.65 Review of records — disposition.
§ 29B.66 Error of law — lesser included offenses.
§ 29B.67 Review counsel
§ 29B.68 Vacation of suspension
§ 29B.69 Petition for a new trial
§ 29B.70 Remission or suspension
§ 29B.71 Restoration
§ 29B.72 Finality of proceedings — findings and sentences.
§ 29B.73 Persons to be tried or punished
§ 29B.74 Principals
§ 29B.75 Accessory after the fact
§ 29B.76 Conviction of lesser included offenses
§ 29B.77 Attempts
§ 29B.78 Conspiracy
§ 29B.79 Solicitation
§ 29B.80 Fraudulent enlistment — appointment or separation.
§ 29B.81 Unlawful enlistment — appointment or separation.
§ 29B.82 Desertion
§ 29B.83 Absence without leave
§ 29B.84 Missing movement
§ 29B.85 Contempt toward officials
§ 29B.86 Disrespect toward superior commissioned officer
§ 29B.87 Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer
§ 29B.88 Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer
§ 29B.89 Failure to obey order or regulation
§ 29B.90 Cruelty and maltreatment
§ 29B.90A Interference with report of a crime to civilian law enforcement
§ 29B.91 Mutiny or sedition
§ 29B.92 Resistance, breach of arrest and escape
§ 29B.93 Releasing prisoner without proper authority
§ 29B.94 Unlawful detention of another
§ 29B.95 Noncompliance with procedural rules
§ 29B.96 Misbehavior before the enemy
§ 29B.97 Subordinate compelling surrender
§ 29B.98 Improper use of countersign
§ 29B.99 Forcing a safeguard
§ 29B.100 Captured or abandoned property
§ 29B.101 Aiding the enemy
§ 29B.102 Misconduct of a prisoner
§ 29B.103 False official statements — forgery.
§ 29B.104 Property crimes
§ 29B.105 Improper hazarding of vessel
§ 29B.106 Drunken or reckless driving
§ 29B.107 Drunk on duty — sleeping on post — leaving post before relief.
§ 29B.107A Wrongful use or possession of controlled substances
§ 29B.108 Dueling
§ 29B.109 Malingering
§ 29B.110 Riot or breach of peace
§ 29B.111 Provoking speeches or gestures
§ 29B.112 Perjury
§ 29B.113 Frauds against the government
§ 29B.114 Larceny and wrongful appropriation
§ 29B.115 Conduct unbecoming an officer
§ 29B.116 General article
§ 29B.116A Jurisdiction of offenses by civilian courts and notification of civilian authorities
§ 29B.116B Adjutant general report
§ 29B.117 Courts of inquiry
§ 29B.118 Complaints or wrongs
§ 29B.119 Redress of injuries to property
§ 29B.120 Process of military courts
§ 29B.125 Immunity for action of military courts
§ 29B.126 Payment and disposition of fines
§ 29B.127 Presumption of jurisdiction
§ 29B.128 Delegation of authority by the governor
§ 29B.129 Authority to administer oaths
§ 29B.130 Uniformity of interpretation

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  • property: includes personal and real property. See Iowa Code 4.1
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