§ 708.1 Assault defined
§ 708.2 Penalties for assault
§ 708.2A Domestic abuse assault — mandatory minimums, penalties enhanced — extension of no-contact order.
§ 708.2B Treatment of domestic abuse offenders
§ 708.2C Assault in violation of individual rights — penalties.
§ 708.3 Assault while participating in a felony
§ 708.3A Assaults on persons engaged in certain occupations
§ 708.3B Inmate assaults — bodily fluids or secretions.
§ 708.4 Willful injury
§ 708.5 Administering harmful substances
§ 708.6 Intimidation with a dangerous weapon
§ 708.7 Harassment
§ 708.8 Going armed with intent
§ 708.9 Spring guns and traps
§ 708.10 Hazing
§ 708.11 Stalking
§ 708.11A Unauthorized placement of global positioning device
§ 708.12 Removal of an officer’s communication or control device.
§ 708.13 Disarming a peace officer of a dangerous weapon
§ 708.14 Abuse of a corpse
§ 708.15 Sexual motivation

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