§ 85A.1 Short title
§ 85A.2 Employers included
§ 85A.3 Employees covered
§ 85A.4 Disablement defined
§ 85A.5 Compensation payable
§ 85A.6 Dependents — defined.
§ 85A.7 Limitations and exceptions
§ 85A.8 Occupational disease defined
§ 85A.10 Last exposure — employer liable.
§ 85A.11 Diagnosis for brucellosis
§ 85A.12 Disablement or death following exposure — limitations.
§ 85A.13 Provisions relating to pneumoconiosis
§ 85A.14 Restriction on liability
§ 85A.15 Employers limit of liability
§ 85A.16 Reference to compensation law
§ 85A.17 Disability
§ 85A.18 Notice of disability or death — filing of claims.
§ 85A.19 Autopsy
§ 85A.20 Investigation
§ 85A.21 Controversial medical questions
§ 85A.22 Examination of employee by physicians
§ 85A.23 Report — date of disablement.
§ 85A.24 Findings and report
§ 85A.25 Existing diseases barred
§ 85A.26 Insurance contracts
§ 85A.27 Administration

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