§ 512.010 Definitions for chapter
§ 512.020 Criminal mischief in the first degree
§ 512.030 Criminal mischief in the second degree
§ 512.040 Criminal mischief in the third degree
§ 512.050 Criminal use of noxious substance
§ 512.060 Criminal possession of noxious substance
§ 512.070 Criminal littering. — Local governments may classify criminal littering as civil offenses
§ 512.080 Unlawfully posting advertisements
§ 512.090 Unlawful acts relating to acquiring metals

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes > Chapter 512

  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Foreign: when applied to a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, business trust, statutory trust, or limited liability company, includes all those incorporated or formed by authority of any other state. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Litter: means rubbish, refuse, waste material, offal, paper, glass, cans, bottles, trash, debris or any foreign substance of whatever kind or description and whether or not it is of value. See Kentucky Statutes 512.010
  • Misdemeanor: Usually a petty offense, a less serious crime than a felony, punishable by less than a year of confinement.
  • Noxious substance: means any substance capable of generating offensive, noxious or suffocating fumes, gases or vapors. See Kentucky Statutes 512.010
  • Property: includes cattle. See Kentucky Statutes 512.010
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.
  • State: when applied to a part of the United States, includes territories, outlying possessions, and the District of Columbia. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Year: means calendar year. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010