Terms Used In Louisiana Revised Statutes 4:430

  • Athlete: means a student who resides in this state, or a student who does not reside in this state but has informed in writing an institution of higher education in this state of the student's intent to participate in that school's intercollegiate sports contests, and who is characterized by either of the following:

    (i)  Is eligible to participate in junior high, high school, or intercollegiate sports contests as a member of a sports team of a junior high, high school, or institution of higher education which is located in this state and which is a member of a federation or association. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 4:421

  • Athlete agent: means any person who recruits or solicits an athlete to enter into an agent contract or professional sport services contract with any person, or who offers anything of value to any person to induce an athlete to enter into an agreement by which any person will represent the athlete, or who for anything of value procures, offers, promises, or attempts to obtain employment for an athlete with a professional sports team. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 4:421
  • Division: means the public protection division of the Department of Justice. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 4:421

A.  An attorney licensed to practice law in Louisiana who acts as an athlete agent in his practice of law shall not be required to pay a registration fee as provided in this Chapter if he is an active member of the Louisiana State Bar Association.

B.  The division shall verify with the Louisiana State Bar Association that attorneys registering as athlete agents have paid their annual membership dues and are in good standing with the association.

C.  Except as provided in Subsection A of this Section, an attorney acting as an athlete agent shall comply with all duties, obligations, responsibilities, and requirements of this Chapter and shall be subject to all provisions and penalties imposed by this Chapter for athlete agents.

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