Terms Used In Louisiana Revised Statutes 46:2161.1

A.  With respect to persons referred to the Department of Children and Family Services who are eighteen years of age or older and who are found to be victims of human trafficking in which the services include commercial sexual activity or any sexual conduct constituting a crime under the laws of this state, the department shall refer the person to the appropriate department, agency, or entity to provide the person with the following:

(1)  Assist the victim in applying for federal and state benefits and services to which the victim may be entitled.

(2)  Coordinate the delivery of health, mental health, housing, education, job training, child care, victims’ compensation, legal, and other services available to victims of human or sex trafficking.

(3)  Refer the victim to the appropriate community-based services to the extent that such services are available.

(4)  Assist the victim with family reunification or returning to the victim’s place of origin, if the victim so desires.

B.  In coordinating these services for the victim, the department shall work together with such other state and federal agencies, public and private entities, and other stakeholders as they deem appropriate.

C.  Each private entity that provides services to victims pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall submit to the Department of Children and Family Services an annual report on their operations including information on the services offered, geographic areas served, the number of persons served, and individual status updates on each person served.  This information shall not include the name, address, or other identifying information of the person served.  The Department of Children and Family Services shall compile the data from all the reports submitted pursuant to the provisions of this Subsection and shall provide this information to the legislature on or before the first day of February each year.

Acts 2014, No. 564, §4.