§ 1 Purpose
§ 1A Definitions
§ 2 Early education and care department; duties
§ 3 Board of early education and care; duties; membership; appointments; length of term; purpose
§ 3A State advisory council on early education and care; membership; reimbursement of expenses; terms; duties
§ 4 Commissioner; appointment; removal; qualifications; powers and duties
§ 4A Sub-state regions for licensure of child care centers and family child care homes; community plans; region-wide improvement plans; state-wide coordination of services
§ 5 Workforce development system; implementation plan
§ 6 License required for operation of child care programs; maintaining child in family foster care; placement; approval of foster homes; advertisement or notice for placement of child under 16 years of age
§ 7 Issuance of license or approval to persons or department, agency and institution meeting applicable standards and requirements; provisional license or approval
§ 8 Adoption of regulations by board; classifications for licensure or approval; medical treatment exemptions; fines; consultation; report
§ 9 Inspection of facilities; investigation and evaluation of notices of abuse or neglect
§ 10 Suspension, revocation, etc. of license or approval; annual report
§ 11 Program quality standards and requirements
§ 12 Measurement of performance and effectiveness of programs providing early education and care and services
§ 13 Massachusetts universal pre-kindergarten program
§ 14 Background information on prospective adoptive families; registration of placement agency with adoptive resource exchange
§ 15 Penalties for violations of Sec. 6
§ 16 Entry and inspection of facilities; court order
§ 17 Provisions in which family child care providers considered public or state employees; prohibitions regarding work stoppages; limitations regarding bargaining; representatives
§ 18 Grants for development of eligible facilities for licensed early care and education and out of school time programs; Early Education and Out of School Time Capital Fund