193:1 Duty of Parent; Compulsory Attendance by Pupil
193:1-a Dual Enrollment
193:1-b Rulemaking Authority; Dual Enrollment Programs
193:1-c Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic, Public Chartered Schools or Home Educated Pupils
193:3 Change of School or Assignment
193:3-a Classroom Placement of Twins or Other Multiples
193:4 District Liability for Elementary or Junior High School Tuition
193:4-a Tuition Liability; Dual Enrollment
193:5 Exemption From Attendance
193:7 Penalty
193:8 Notice of Requirements
193:10 Exception
193:11 Disturbance
193:12 Legal Residence Required
193:13 Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils
193:14 Assignment of Pupils to Schools
193:14-a Change of School Assignment; Duties of Board of Education
193:15 Penalty for Unauthorized Attendance, etc
193:16 Bylaws as to Nonattendance
193:18 Suspension of Sentence
193:19 Purpose of Appropriations
193:20 Tuition
193:21 Payment
193:26 Powers of Minors to Borrow for Educational Expense
193:27 Definitions
193:28 Right of Attendance
193:29 Liability for Education of Children in Homes for Children or Health Care Facilities
193:30 Rulemaking Authority
193:31 Program Established; Rules
193:32 Educational Materials
193:33 Report
193:34 Policy and Purposes
193:35 Parents as Teachers Program Established
193:36 Rulemaking