39:1 Meetings, When Held
39:1-a Towns Adopting a Fiscal Year
39:1-b Meetings Outside Town
39:1-c Updated Checklist
39:2 Warrant
39:2-a Optional Provisions
39:2-b Time Polls Open
39:3 Articles
39:3-b Penalty
39:3-c Limitation
39:3-d Placement of Articles on Official Ballot
39:4 Special Meetings
39:5 Posting Warrant
39:6 Warrant to Constable
39:7 Return of Warrant
39:8 Selectmen’s Power
39:9 Warning, Upon Neglect
39:10 Warning by Justice: Other Cases
39:11 Warrant of Justice
39:12 Other Warning
39:13 Penalty for Failure to Give Notice
39:14 Adjournment Date Falling on Sunday