§ 75-A Legislative Intent
§ 75-B Definitions
§ 75-C Security Measures
§ 75-D List of Facilities
§ 75-E Consumer Safety Information
§ 75-F Enforcement and Statistics
§ 75-G Report of Compliance
§ 75-H Compliance With Local Building Code and All Other Applicable Provisions of Law
§ 75-I Facilities Not Subject to This Article
§ 75-J Civil Penalties
§ 75-K Collection of Penalties
§ 75-L Preemption
§ 75-M Variances and Exemptions From Automated Teller Machine Security Measures
§ 75-N Rules and Regulations
§ 75-O Severability

Terms Used In New York Laws > Banking > Article 2-AA

  • Borrower: shall mean a student attending a covered institution in this state, or a parent or person in parental relation to such student, who also obtains an educational loan from a lending institution to pay for or finance higher education expenses. See N.Y. Penal Law 60.21
  • Educational loan: shall mean any loan that is made, insured, or guaranteed under Part B of Title IV of the Federal Higher Education Act of nineteen hundred sixty-five, as amended, any high risk loan or any private loan issued by a lending institution for the purposes of paying for or financing higher education expenses. See N.Y. Penal Law 60.21
  • High risk loans: shall mean any agreement between a lending institution and a covered institution that provides for the lending institution to provide loans to students with a poor or no credit history, who would otherwise not be eligible for educational loans. See N.Y. Penal Law 60.21
  • Higher education expenses: shall include the following:

    a. See N.Y. Penal Law 60.21

  • Lending institution: shall mean :

    a. See N.Y. Penal Law 60.21

  • Preferred lender list: shall mean a list of one or more recommended or suggested lending institutions that a covered institution makes available for use, in print or any other medium or form, by borrowers, potential borrowers or others. See N.Y. Penal Law 60.21