§ 148 Burial of Members of the Armed Forces of the United States and Their Families; Headstones
§ 149 Permits in Certain Circumstances

Terms Used In New York Laws > General Municipal > Article 7-A - Burial of Veterans and Their Families; Certain Permit Requirements

  • Decedent: A deceased person.
  • Health care provider: shall mean a practitioner in an individual practice, group practice, partnership, professional corporation or other authorized form of association, a hospital or other health care institution issued an operating certificate pursuant to this chapter or the mental hygiene law, a certified home health agency or a licensed home care services agency, and any other purveyor of health or health related items or services including but not limited to a clinical laboratory, a physiological laboratory, a pharmacy, a purveyor of x-ray or imaging services, a purveyor of physical therapy services, a purveyor of health or health related supplies, appliances or equipment, or an ambulance service. See N.Y. Public Health Law 238
  • Practitioner: shall mean a licensed or registered physician, dentist, podiatrist, chiropractor, nurse, midwife, physician assistant or specialist assistant, physical therapist, or optometrist. See N.Y. Public Health Law 238